Digital Data
Living with Personal Data
I am currently working as a postdoc with Prof Deborah Lupton (UNSW) and Prof Mike Michael (Exeter) on the project ‘Living with Personal Data: Australians’ Understandings and Practices‘ (DP190100959). The project takes a sociological approach to exploring how Australians in various social groups make sense of and ‘live with’ their personal digital data – the digitised information generated when they go online, use mobile devices and apps, smart home technologies or move around in public spaces embedded with digital sensors. We are using innovative methods to explore people’s understandings of and engagements with their personal data and data futures.

Understanding Design
Queering the Map
Focusing on relationships between design, space and storytelling, this project explores peoples’ experiences with Queering the Map, a micro-storytelling, map-based website featuring community-generated content. QTM is a design platform where individuals anonymously geolocate their experiences, memories and histories on an online global map. Working with Dr Emma Kirby, Dr Brady Robards, Dr Brendan Churchill and QTM founder Lucas LaRochelle, this project seeks to analyse the stories and the ways people make (queer) sense and meaning with the site.

Sociological Fiction
So Fi Zine
I am the creator and editor of So Fi Zine (ISSN 2209-3028), an open access sociological fiction zine. Since launching, So Fi Zine has reached over 6,500 unique readers with 26,000 views across 90 countries. The zine has contributions from field leaders including Patricia Leavy, Howard Becker, Les Back, Nirmal Puwar, Raewyn Connell, Michael Burawoy, and Deborah Lupton. Editions of So Fi Zine have launched at the London Radical Bookfair and the MCA Zine Fair, Sydney.

Fiction @ TSR
I am the Fiction Editor for The Sociological Review. TSR seeks high quality fiction that is considered, reflective and attuned to these sensitivities, that is sociological in style, scope and sensibility – work that imaginatively extends sociology’s study of society into fiction. TSR is seeking submissions of sociological short stories that critically and creatively explore the social as well as the politics and consequences of sociology itself.

Interdisciplinary Projects
Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment
This ongoing project explores contemporary developments in critical feminist arts/research methods. With masterclass participants, we explore ways of practically extending critical and feminist social research with art — specifically with photography, sociological fiction and zine making. These arts practices are valuable for opening up how we critically explore, analyse, collaborate on, and share experiences and understandings of the social world. As part of this project, Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro, Samantha Trayhurn and myself produce AKE Zine.

Pornography’s effects on audiences: explaining contradictory research data
I have recently worked as a research assistant on the ARC funded project ‘Effect of pornography on audiences’ (DP170100808) with Prof Alan McKee, Prof Roger Ingham, Dr Paul Byron and Katerina Litsou. This project aims to synthesize the discrete traditions of humanities and social science research to produce a shared paradigm, vocabulary and evidence base that allows these disciplines to communicate with each other in meaningful ways.