Dr Ash Watson
Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology
Vitalities Lab, University of New South Wales, Sydney

PhD in Sociology, Griffith University, 2018

Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, Griffith University, 2016

Bachelor of Communication with Honours Class 1, Griffith University, 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow, Vitalities Lab, UNSW Sydney, with ARC-funded project “Living With Personal Data: Australian’s Understandings and practices” (DP190100959), 2019-present

Secretary (elected), The Australian Sociological Association, 2019-2020

Fiction Editor and Editorial Board Member, The Sociological Review, 2018-present

Research Assistant, University of Technology Sydney, with ARC-funded project “Pornography’s effects on its audiences: synthesising an innovative interdisciplinary approach” (DP170100808), 2019

Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, 2018-2019

Postgraduate Portfolio Leader (elected), The Australian Sociological Association, 2017-2018

Endeavour Research Fellow (doctoral), awarded by Australian Government Department of Education and Training, undertaken at Goldsmiths, University of London, 2017

The Australian Sociological Association, Executive Committee member 2017-2020, general member 2015-present

Design Justice Network, member, 2020-present

Space Industry Association of Australia, member, 2020-present

Australian Society of Authors, member, 2020-present

Association of Internet Researchers, member, 2020-present

UNSW Data Justice Reading Group, member, 2019-present

Journal Articles
Watson A and Lupton D (2020) Tactics, Affects and Agencies in Digital Privacy Narratives: A Story Completion Study. Online Information Review. Epub ahead of print 15 October 2020.

Watson A, Lupton D and Michael M (2020) Enacting Intimacy and Sociality at a Distance in the COVID-19 Crisis: the Sociomaterialities of Home-based Communication Technologies. Media International Australia. Epub ahead of print 3 October 2020.

Watson A and Bennett A (2020) The felt value of reading zines. American Journal of Cultural Sociology. Epub ahead of print 12 Sept 2020.

Lupton D and Watson A (2020) Towards more-than-human digital data studies: developing research-creation methods. Qualitative Research. Epub ahead of print 14 July 2020.

Baker S, Buttigieg B, Cantillon Z, Pavlidis A, Rodriguez Castro L and Watson A. 2020. Getting Students to ‘Do’ Introductory Sociology: Analysis of a blended and flipped interactive workshop. Journal of Sociology. Epub ahead of print 8 July 2020. Authorship order is alphabetical.

Watson A (2020) Methods Braiding: A technique for arts-based and mixed-methods research. Sociological Research Online 25(1): 66-83.

Watson A (2016) Directions for Public Sociology: Novel writing as a creative approach. Cultural Sociology 10(4): 431-447.

Watson A (2020) Into the Sea. Leiden: Brill.

Creative Public Scholarship
So Fi Zine. ISSN 2209-3028. So Fi Zine is a field-leading open access creative publication for social science and arts cross-disciplinary inquiry. Since launching in mid 2017, the zine has published over 150 original creative contributions across seven editions, reached over 8.8k readers with over 33k hits, and is on sociology curricula in Australia, the USA and the UK. Guest editors include Patricia Leavy, Howard Becker, Les Back, Nirmal Puwar, Michael Burawoy, Raewyn Connell, Deborah Lupton, Rob Shields and Ruha Benjamin.

AKE zine. ISSN 2651-8724. Produced with Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro and Samantha Trayhurn. AKE zine is a collaborative creative output that brings together feminist research from arts-based sociology, visual ethnography, and creative writing. Four editions have been published through workshops hosted by Monash University, Griffith University, the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne.

Invited Talks
Nov 5 2020. Seminar. Autoethnography. Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher sessions. The Australian Sociological Association.

Sept 4 2020. Paper. From workplaces to smart home/work spaces: insights into the affective and requisitional presence of domestic digital technologies during COVID-19. ‘Living in, With and Beyond the ‘Smart Home”, ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society. With Deborah Lupton and Mike Michael.

August 28 2020. Seminar. Sociological Fiction. Anthropology and Sociology Seminar Series, University of Western Australia, Perth.

July 31 2020. Workshop. Zines for Data Justice. Ida B. Wells Just Data Lab, Princeton University, New Jersey USA. Online.

Feb 18 2020. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop. University of Melbourne, Melbourne. With Laura Rodriguez Castro and Samantha Trayhurn.

Nov 29 2019. Keynote. Creative Practices in Social Research: A history and trajectory. Creativity and Methodological Innovation in the Sociology of Familial and Intimate Relationships. TASA Families and Relationships Thematic Group event. Western Sydney University, Parramatta.

Nov 25 2019. Workshop. Post-PhD Pathways. Postgraduate Day, The Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference, Western Sydney University, Parramatta.

Nov 21 2019. Workshop. Affect, Knowledge and Embodiment: A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop. Australian National University, Canberra. With Laura Rodriguez Castro and Samantha Trayhurn.

Oct 29 2019. Workshop. Collaborative Zine Making for Brokered Dialogue. The Big Anxiety Festival, SPHERE (Sydney Partnership for Health Education Research and Enterprise), and Black Dog Institute. UNSW, Sydney.

Papers (selected)
Oct 26 2020. Ash Watson, Brady Robards, Emma Kirby, Brendan Churchill and Lucas LaRochelle. Queering the Map: Physical traces and digital places of queer lives. Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference. Online.

Dec 2 2019. Ash Watson and Deborah Lupton. Developing Research-Creation Methods for Understanding Personal Data Practices, Feelings and Imaginaries. The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, ‘Disrupting Data Injustices: An Interdisciplinary Roundtable’. UNSW Sydney, Australia.

Nov 22 2018. Ash Watson. Sociological Fiction and the Neoliberal Imaginary. The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) 2018 National Conference, ‘Precarity, Rights and Resistance’. Deakin University, Melbourne Australia.

Public Writing
2020. Deborah Lupton, Ash Watson, Clare Southerton and Marianne Clarke. From scary pumpkins to bridal bling, how masks are becoming a normal part of our lives in Australia. The Conversation. October 30.

2019. Possessed by a Sense of the TrapOverland. November 21.

2020. Ash Watson on using Zoom to conduct home visits. Unlocking Lockdown: Doing Fieldwork in a Pandemic. Culture, Politics and Global Justice, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

2020. Social Science Fiction. Social Sciences Week Australia. Supported by The Sociological Review and Vitalities Lab, UNSW.

2020. Zine Making as a Method. Breaking Methods Webinar Series, Vitalities Lab UNSW Sydney.

2020. Methods Braiding. Breaking Methods Webinar Series, Vitalities Lab UNSW Sydney.

2020. Time in the ‘Time of Corona‘, with KM Kjær, C Southerton and M Clark. Vitalities Lab blog, Vitalities Lab UNSW Sydney.

2020. Our Digital Workspace. Vitalities Lab blog, Vitalities Lab UNSW Sydney.

2019. Creativity and So Fi Zine, The Australian Sociological Association.

2018. Reviewing Sociological FictionThe Sociological Review blog.

2018. Modern Methodologies: Developments in Doing Sociological Research, The Australian Sociological Association blog.

2017. Writing Sociological Fiction and Making So Fi Zine, British Sociological Association Postgraduate Forum.

2017. Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zineThe Sociological Review blog.

2016. An Interview with Sociologist Patricia LeavyThe Sociological Imagination blog.

2016. Some Thoughts on ‘Sociological Fiction’The Sociological Review blog.

Creative Writing
2020. MothsBaby Teeth Journal. [Poetry]

2019. Home is a Jade Egg in my Mouth. Brain Drip[Poetry]

2018. Allen KeySo Fi Zine, edition 3. [Fiction]

2018. Folded Up. Pink Cover Zine, edition 1. [Poetry]

2017. 10 Scenes in London, 2017, So Fi Zine, edition 1. [Fiction]

2017. Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Annual Anthology Vol. 2. [Fiction]

2016. Single Beds Make Sleepovers DifficultSCUM Magazine. [Fiction]

2016. Men Are Not From Mars (the death of an almost-relationship), Getamungstit. [Essay]

2016. Joan Didion’s Recipe BookBareknuckle Poet Journal of Letters. [Fiction]

2016. Crossing the Red Line, Getamungstit. [Essay]

2016. The Top Job: Reflections on Australia’s First Female Prime Minister, Getamungstit. [Essay]

2014. The Glitter Strip-Down, Teaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture. [Poetry]

2014. Stone, Teaching Youth Studies Through Popular Culture. [Essay]

2013. Happy Never After, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith. [Fiction]

2013. Vajazzled, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith. [Fiction]

2013. Graffiti Revolution, Talent Implied: new writing from Griffith. [Fiction]

2011. Untitled, The Splash. [Fiction]