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Into the Sea is an experiment in sociological imagination. Published in June, 2020, in Brill’s award-winning Social Fictions Series, the novel explores the promises and fictions of ‘the Australian way of life’ through the lives of a group of young people living in Sydney.

Taylah Brown is happy. She is. She has graduated university and she is in love and Sydney is a wonderful city to be in love in – all sunshine and blue water everywhere. It’s 2014 and the future is paved out in front her, a heat shimmer of possibility. Haircuts. Concerts. Holidays. Birthdays. Getting engaged, being engaged, going to brunch to show off the ring. More birthdays, a promotion, finding the right white dress. Getting married, going on her honeymoon, buying a house, having a child, getting a dog, going to the gym, moving house, camping at beach, weekends spent baking in the kitchen. New haircuts, new jobs, more birthdays, more birthdays… Choice-laden, picturesque, this is the good life. Isn’t it?

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On November 26 2020, Shanthi Robertson launched Into the Sea in on online event, part of The Australian Sociological Association’s annual conference. You can watch the video of the launch here:

So Fi Zine is an indie publication for sociological fiction, poetry, visual art, and other creative works — a place for people who want to write creatively and make art based on their studies and research. Standing against the exclusive practices of academic publishing, the zine is free to read online and offered in a DIY print format.

Offering authors the space to creatively develop and extend their academic practice, the zine is committed to sociological questions and the aesthetic evocation of social meaning. The seven editions published so far explore social fictions, voice, sensory attentiveness, social alternatives, disciplinary publics, future imaginaries, and modes of creativity. So Fi Zine has published more than 150 creative pieces, including the invited writing Patricia Leavy, Howard Becker, Les Back, Nirmal Puwar, Raewyn Connell, Michael Burawoy, Deborah Lupton, and Rob Shields.

Fiction @ The Sociological Review is a short story series for high quality fiction that is sociological in style, scope and sensibility — work that imaginatively extends sociology’s study of society into fiction.

Launched in September 2018, this series publishes sociological short stories that critically and creatively explore the social as well as the politics and consequences of sociology itself.

As in the journal, we are interested in work that is ‘demonstrably alive.’ Send us stories that illustrate, illuminate, translate, examine, unfold, flip, and stress. Submit fictional interventions that ‘pose questions about the conditions of possibility.’

Social Science Fiction — a workshop held for Social Sciences Week Australia on September 9, 2020.
My Goodreads List: including the novels I read while writing Into the Sea.
Sociological Fiction — an invited seminar for the Anthropology and Sociology seminar series at the University of Western Australia, held on August 28, 2020.

Riffs Vol 5 Issue 1: Popular music fiction

Inspired by the work of our Guest Editor, Dr Ash Watson and the Fiction Desk of The Sociological Review, the next issue of Riffs will bring together work that uses fiction to critically explore issues within popular music and to communicate this to a wide audience.

Deadline for a title and 300-word synopsis of the proposed work – 4th October 2020. Please also include your name, a short bio and contact email.

Up to ten contributions will be published online and in limited edition print in July 2021.

Methods Braiding: a methodological technique for mixing methods across the qualitative, quantitative and arts-based research spectrum. Includes a discussion on the production of Into the Sea.

Fiction as Research – Writing Beyond the Boundary Lines. A Special Issue of Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal guest edited by Dr Ash Watson and Dr Jessica Smartt Gullion. Submissions are now closed. Anticipated publication date is February 2021.

Directions for Public Sociology: Novel Writing as a Creative Approach. An article published in Cultural Sociology on sociological fiction and public sociology.

AKE Zine collaboratively explores the themes of affect, knowledge and embodiment through the feminist arts/research methods of photography, collage, blackout poetry and fiction writing. Find out more about the AKE workshops and read the zines here.

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