I run Frances St Press, a small indie press for solo and collaborative zines. It is the home of:

So Fi Zine. An indie publication for sociological fiction, poetry, and visual art. Standing against the exclusive practices of academic publishing, this is a home for creative experimentation where every edition is free to read and submit to. Since launching in 2017, the zine has published nearly 300 creative pieces and reached more than 17,000 readers.

AKE Zine. A critical feminist art/research experiment about affect, knowledge and embodiment produced in collaborative 1-day workshops across Australia. 5 volumes have been published so far.

Bits/Bytes/Dreams. An anthology of sociological fiction on tomorrow’s technologies.

QTM story zines. What does it mean to queer the map? Zines from the research project.

Algorithmic Micropolitics. On how we experience algorithms in everyday life. From a Vitalities Lab creative workshop.

Talking Flowers zine. A zine on themes of health and wellbeing that evokes the morphological dimensions of the more-than-human. Part of the More-Than-Human Wellbeing exhibition at UNSW Sydney.

FRG Zine. A collaborative exploration of feminist experiences in patriarchal and neo-liberal academia.

Sociological senses, an mini zine series about the sensory dimensions of sociological research.

Sensory Cycles, a collaborative zine made by students and staff at the University of Melbourne Department of Sociology on society and sustainability.